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So yeah here are all my drawings as well as other stuff. Come & check 'em out =D






I have a Tumblr account now: (all I've done is reblogged a few things).
Bridget by animekid37
Bridget is a pretty special kind of OC. She's my guardian character or my guardian angel, whatever you wanna call it (for all of you Shugo Chara fans, you know what I'm talking about). She not really an FC, she's more like my personal image of what I want to be. She's confident, doesn't care what people think and stands up for what's right, her beliefs, etc. I was a little bit like that when I was really little. I wasn't really self-conscious and just did what I wanted and didn't think about the consequences. I definitely have gained more confidence in myself since I entered high school. I could type up a whole page about this kind of stuff, but I'm not gonna do that.

Now, on to the art; I really like her bright red hair and her figure. I also like how she's just wearing a bra on the top part of her body. To me, it's a little liberating somehow. I remember when I was drawing her, I wanted a red-haired cat girl wearing clothes that not a lot of people would wear on an everyday basis.  
Macabre Amethyst by animekid37
Macabre Amethyst
Would you get pissed when I say that the inspiration came from Nicki Minaj's 'Turn me On' music video? The style of dress was Victorian and I like Victorian so...
ANYWHO, I'm really loving her dress, especially the texture looking all velvet-y or whatever and I also love how her face came out. She was supposed to be some sort of female Jack the Ripper kind of thing.
Living amongst the H20 by animekid37
Living amongst the H20
I was watching H20 on Netflix and it used to be one of my favourite shows on TV when I was younger. It also got me thinking about how much I love to swim and just being in the water in general and how I've always wanted to be a mermaid. It also reminded me of a story my mum told me about when we went to Greece for my aunt's wedding.

In Greece, me and mum would go to the beach often and apparently, I was the only 2 year-old who would get in the water and swim (the rest were a bunch of scardey-cats). There was an old man that would also come to the same beach and when he saw me swimming, he called me the 'Black Mermaid'. Everyday, he would ask my mum 'where's the Black Mermaid today?' or something like that. Speaking of the Black Mermaid, here's a link to a gift draw by… It's a really beautiful piece.

So that's it with all the nostalgia and on to the art itself. I busted out the watercolours since I like them now and I thought that they would be appropriate to use for this piece, and my coloured pencils (just for minor detailing) I really LOVE how this came out and it was super fun to colour =D
Einin by animekid37
I was bored, so I decided try out my Sakura Koi watercolours that I got from eBay. This is my OC Einin (my St Patrick's Day OC) and with her little pixie friend, Aoife. I'm not the best at watercolour, but I thought this turned out pretty good even if the colouring is a little messy. The idea for the background was actually based on an accident. I got yellow paint above her hat and when I tried to sponge it off, it didn't really work, and then it just kind of went from there.

:bulletgreen: Einin (a+neen)
:bulletgreen: Aoife (ee+fa)
Tagged by :iconrizuii:
1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other characters
4. Post their names along with their creator's avatar

Note that Katrina is a fairly new character, so don't expect much.

1. She was experimented on at 12 years of age
2. She was used for Project BASALISK
3. She has 10% snake DNA
4. She's half British (mother's side) and half Russian (father's side)
5. Her hair (it was originally all blonde), eyes and fangs are from the result of her experimentation
6. She actually was never an OC when I drew her
7. She's good at belly dancing (lol wtf?)
8. She actually doesn't use her fangs (they have venom, but it's not that strong). She only uses them when necessary, as she's still fighting her snake instincts and doesn't want to give in to them completely

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:iconcoolcat1313: Maka
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:iconwacorori: Ocelot
:iconastral-chan: Arealle
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:iconichirukun: Ayato


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Georgia Tzamouranis
Artist | Student | Traditional Art

Hi i'm animekid37.
:bulletred: I mainly like anime & manga
:bulletorange: I'm Greek & a quarter Cypriet
:bulletyellow: 私はうさぎ年です。
:bulletgreen: I'm 17 (even though I act like a 5 year-old at times)
:bulletblue: I kinda have a thing for ribbons, bows, bazookas & death scythes
:bulletpurple: My biggest fears are roaches, needles, being lonely forever ( I mean having no friends. I don't mean not having a romantic partner) & leeches
:bulletpink: I'm a smarticle particle

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